Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DJ Jonny Tsunami in the Runoffs for Best DJ in the Oklahoma Gazette

Katie Wicks, Crystal Vision, DJ Jonny Tsunami, Oklahoma President of the Real DJs Crew, Robotic Wednesdays, Best of OKC, Kamps Lounge, Best DJs in Oklahoma City
Looks like I've not only been nominated, but made it past the primaries and into the finals! I didn't even know I was being considered until now lol. Feel free to vote for me; but I will be voting for Katie Wicks, because she is sexy!
But if you do vote for me and you're able to prove it somehow, I suppose I should give you something to say thanks (because I'm a nice person). Perhaps a poster, music download, or something else random. Who knows? Just send a screen shot of you voting for me and/or telling people to vote for me to, and I'll send you a thank you gift (:
Thanks everyone!
Crizzly, Johnny Tsunami, DJ Jonny Tsunami, Oklahoma President of the Real DJs Crew, Katie Wicks, Crystal Vision, Ronnie Kaye, Vegas, Best DJ in Oklahoma City
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  1. How about I dont vote for you since you are one of the worst Dj in Oklahoma. If you are such a good Dj, then why do you use the sync button and why don't you Dj Downtown??? Dj Johnny Tsunami is a shit bag Dj who cant use real dj equipment!!!

  2. If being a "downtown" DJ is so important, how come none of them are nominated for Best of OKC? And I use Serato, it doesn't even have an auto sync feature. My setup is just like using traditional turntables, only without needles or records. I only use my laptop as music storage, nothing else. I even have some turntables at home that I used before I upgraded to what I have now.

    I don't think I'm the best. There are other people I would have put on that list. But it's not up to me. I was chosen.